January 5, 2013

Places to go sledding in Newton, MA

Looking for a few cheap, fun winter activities? Let this be list be your guide for free sledding and snow tubing in Newton! Beware that none of these spots are monitored by staff like Nashoba Valley or Amesbury Sports Park, so please use discretion and be safe.

I've been scouring the internet for sources for sledding spots in Newton, and I'm compiling a list which will continue to be revised and added to. Please leave comments with suggestions of your own - anything sledding in Massachusetts! Or even better, sledding in Newton!

Fessenden School (map)
Street: Albemarle Rd or Fessenden Ln
Comments: The parking lots are free. There are two big hills here - one goes straight down, which is classic, and the other hill, which is more risky, curves around ("dog leg" in golf terms) with a half pipe-like ridge that prevents you from flying off course. Check out the dog leg hill if you're after thrilling tubing in Newton.

Casey Park (map)
Street: Watertown St
Comments: Only on-street parking available, but it's free. One of the weakest sled hills I've seen, it's more for kids sledding.

Claflin Field (map)
Street: Lowell Ave

Charles River Country Club (map)
Street: Winchester St
Comments: One of my favorite spots for tubing in Massachusetts. No convenient parking so you'll have to park on a nearby side street. Beware that the golf maintenance road (marked with a sign) is off limits - I've parked there and was approached by a police officer saying I can't do that.

Brae Burn Country Club
Street: Moffat Rd

Bobby Braceland Park

Looking for sleds for adults? I have a snow tube that's amazing, and very affordable.


Donna Heber said...

Great list Seth! I don't think anyone will be sledding too soon now with all this rain.

Trademark Attorney said...

Awesome recommendations! Sledging really is the most fun.