February 15, 2011

Master bootleg: Dead Cats Dead Rats - 2011-02-11 - All Asia Bar, Cambridge, MA

Dead Cats Dead Rats, winners of the best Boston punk artist of 2010. They often play in the New England area, so visit their site to see if they're playing near you. Grab their latest album for free too.

FLAC and MP3 downloads here.

Dead Cats Dead Rats
February 11, 2011
All Asia Bar
Cambridge, MA

Source: Audience
Taper: sethrich
Generation: Master
Lineage: SP-BMC-9 > SP-SPSB-8 > Edirol R-09HR
Transfer: Edirol R-09HR (16 bit, 44 kHz WAV) > pyro Audio Creator LE > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC

Matt Reppucci - vocals, guitar
Chris Wolz - bass
Travis Tenney - drums

01 -Intro-
02 -New slow song-
03 -New fast song-
04 Skeletons
05 Rocket Seed
06 Eventually The Monsters Will Win
07 Pillage The Village
08 Coil Eyes
09 The Hunt
10 Wanted Man
11 Plaidypus
12 Studder
13 Cross Bones
14 Jungle Carpet
15 No Money No Honey