October 27, 2011

Live bootleg: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper - Wild Honey Pie Buzzsession

1. Aubergine
2. Crane Your Neck
3. Sunday Shoes

Buzzsessions is a live session series made by The Wild Honey Pie. With each new episode, [they] travel with a different band to a different part of New York City and record sometimes-intimate/sometimes-wild versions of two or three songs which are given away for free.

File share download here.

Thanks to The Wild Honey Pie!

October 26, 2011

“All I Really Want To Do” by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

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Thanks to Brooklyn Based!

Some of Aly Spaltro’s earliest memories involve sitting in her closet with a flashlight, waiting for her favorite ‘60s girl-group songs to come on the radio so she could record them to a cassette tape. The 22-year-old Spaltro, who performs as Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, doesn’t think that era has had a conscious effect on her own songwriting, but she says it was “the music of my childhood, my favorite music of all time.” So it’s perhaps not a surprise that for BB Songs she decided to record Cher’s jangly Phil Spector-produced cover of Bob Dylan’s “All I Really Want To Do,” from her 1965 album of the same name.

“This recording is so fun,” she says. “The way it’s produced feels like everyone’s in a room playing it live, the production is so warm.” With friends in the groups Milkman’s Union and the Age of Rockets as her backing band, Spaltro stayed true to Cher’s version of the song. Spector was known for his production work, especially with harmony-driven girl groups, and the art of recording is what inspired Spaltro to make music after graduating high school in Brunswick, Maine, four years ago. Spaltro is recording and producing the first formal Lady Lamb LP — which follows last year’s ragtag collection, Mammoth Swoon — all herself, out of her Greenpoint apartment. “I started making music to record it,” she says. “That’s my real love, and so I’m very stubborn about how it’s recorded.”

June 21, 2011

Devin Townsend Project - Terminal (NAMM rehearsal)

FLAC and MP3 downloads here.

A message from Dev:
This is a recording done in Daves basement the other day for the Namm show next week. We recorded it on a Zoom HN4 handheld recorder, and we had to be quiet because Daves roommate was sleeping. Kat Epple, flute, is playing with us at the Namm show and I'm thrilled about that. Anyways... here's where rehearsals for the quiet project are at. Enjoy! Dev.

Devin Townsend Project - Drench

FLAC and MP3 downloads here.

A message from Dev:
Here's an out-take from the Ghost sessions. Please enjoy, it's not as much of a 'song' as it is a 'vibe'...


June 7, 2011

Devin Townsend Project - Ki Bonus Materials (2009)

FLAC and MP3 download here.

A message from Dev:
Hey folks! Dev here…here’s three tracks for ya. I think they’re cool, but they’re just ‘bonus’ stuff for Ki…take em, love em, hate em, burn a disk and enjoy...(or not)

Track 1) SYNCHRONICITY FREAKS: This is the first song I wrote for Ki, didn’t end up quite right though…I like it and it’s cool to hear (I think) It’s unmastered.

Track 2) KI JAM: This is Me, Jean and Duris kind of jamming in between takes while we were recording the album…yup. It’s unmastered too.

Track 3) TESTING SOME FENDER TOYS: This was a sunny afternoon and I’m just messing around with clean sounds and different pickups. It was a Fender 57 Twin reissue with some Mullards, My EJ strat, and a Keeley compressor. Echos were after the fact. Aaaand, unmastered. Get yer wank on.

Theres lots more stuff I’ll put up here in the next month or so. Music is life, thanks for letting me continue to do it!


June 6, 2011

Live bootleg: The Wildhearts - Reading 1994

The Wildhearts
August 28, 1994
Reading Festival
Reading, England

FLAC and MP3 download here.

Ginger - vocals, guitar
Devin Townsend - guitar
Danny McCormack - bass
Ritch Battersby - drums

01 Caffeine Bomb
02 Everlone
03 Greetings From Shitsville
04 Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes
05 Suckerpunch
06 Drinking About Life
07 Shut Your Fucking Mouth
08 Liberty Cap
09 My Baby Is A Headfuck
10 Love You 'till I Don't

May 15, 2011

Devin Townsend Project - Live EP (2011)

Devin Townsend Project
Recorded: February 1, 2010 @ Sonar, Baltimore, MD
Released: 2011

MP3 download here.

Thanks to Inside Out Music!

A message from Dev:
Hey folks, Devin here. How's tricks?

So here's the deal: I'm in the middle of an absolute monstrous amount of work, Ghost, Deconstruction, Ziltoid Rockband, Live videos, Guitar prototypes, Namm, and getting ready for tour. In a nutshell: Things are great! I'm happy to be working so much and thrilled that I don't have to write music that sounds like every other shit ass commercial rock band I hear on the radio.

My friend Brett Caldas-Lima, who did sound for us on our first tour ever as the Devin Townsend Project (Last January with BTBAM, Cynic and Scale The Summit) contacted me a while ago saying he had gone ahead and mixed one of the shows from that first tour. In listening to it, I kind of thought we sounded pretty good! Granted, it was the first tour and we were playing to a crowd that couldn't have cared less, (hence the proliferation of tasteless ad-libs on my part...apologies) but really, all things considered, it's not a bad recording and when it surfaced online, people were asking how to get a hold of it. So um... here it is!

InsideOut Music and Century Media (two truly progressive labels) are full of music lovers and good people. A great team to be on, and they offered to post this on their site. Awesome IOM/CM! Thanks for years of support! Of course, on the net you can download anything I've ever done as it is, so in a lot of ways I consider the fact that some of you spend actual money on my stuff a really nice gesture. I was going to release this on Soundcloud, but when the label asked to be involved, we decided the best idea was to put it up on their site. There's so much stuff coming out this year that costs actual money to produce that the least we can do to thank you for your support is throw you a bone every now and then.

There's 5 songs performed by my live project 'dtp' straight out of the board and then mixed by Brett:

By Your Command

The goal this year is to accumulate enough interest in what I do to work with symphonies in a live context. As the second of 4 bands on our first tour though, it's not really an option yet :) Ok, gotta get back to work...cheers! Come see us on tour if you get a chance!


PS: Please visit Brett's website Towerstudio.net, he does a great job at the production thing, and he is also the mastermind behind the band Kalisia, so yay Brett!

April 25, 2011

Live bootleg: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
Brighton Music Hall - Boston, MA
April 14, 2011

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Thanks to visible voice!

February 15, 2011

Master bootleg: Dead Cats Dead Rats - 2011-02-11 - All Asia Bar, Cambridge, MA

Dead Cats Dead Rats, winners of the best Boston punk artist of 2010. They often play in the New England area, so visit their site to see if they're playing near you. Grab their latest album for free too.

FLAC and MP3 downloads here.

Dead Cats Dead Rats
February 11, 2011
All Asia Bar
Cambridge, MA

Source: Audience
Taper: sethrich
Generation: Master
Lineage: SP-BMC-9 > SP-SPSB-8 > Edirol R-09HR
Transfer: Edirol R-09HR (16 bit, 44 kHz WAV) > pyro Audio Creator LE > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC

Matt Reppucci - vocals, guitar
Chris Wolz - bass
Travis Tenney - drums

01 -Intro-
02 -New slow song-
03 -New fast song-
04 Skeletons
05 Rocket Seed
06 Eventually The Monsters Will Win
07 Pillage The Village
08 Coil Eyes
09 The Hunt
10 Wanted Man
11 Plaidypus
12 Studder
13 Cross Bones
14 Jungle Carpet
15 No Money No Honey