December 26, 2010

IBS Audio Program 100 for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Trying this program was a last resort for me. I had high expectations after seeing extremely positive reviews and claims that this is the closest "cure" for IBS out there. I was excited and hopeful, but ultimately disappointed. My symptoms were only reduced by perhaps 10% or so, but I also did not fully complete the 100-day program.

During the first 50 days I looked forward to getting immersed in the hypnotherapy with my headphones. I happily took time out of my day and I found the sessions to be very relaxing. A few times I even fell asleep which is perfectly acceptable. The sessions feature just hypnotherapist Michael Mahoney's voice and subtle music. My thoughts tend to run wild, so staying focused was a bit of a challenge.

Around day 75 I began to lose interest due to lack of results, and the business of my life conflicted with the program schedule. I became frustrated that I wasn't experiencing noticeable changes and I essentially quit. I cheated myself, but I hope to return for a second try and maybe the results will be different.

I like to think I've become more of a relaxed person since doing this therapy, but unfortunately my symptoms haven't faded. I've learned to try to be calm in stressful situations, but my body often wins that battle. I enjoyed the sessions and appreciate that these CDs are far less expensive than visiting a therapist. Would I recommend this to IBS sufferers? Absolutely, but everyone's results may vary.

I've since started doing guided meditations and these are actually proving to reduce my symptoms. Time will tell how effective they can be, but I really enjoy Meditainment's releases that incorporate very life-like sounds alongside soothing narration. The sounds really help me picture the setting, thus relieving my mind of all other thoughts, something the IBS Audio Program 100 lacks. I recommend Stress Relief as a good place to start, and I also highly suggest visiting Meditainment's website.

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