September 9, 2008

Album review: Brian "Head" Welch - Save Me From Myself

It's 2008, and by now just about everyone in tune with the rock world has heard of Brian "Head" Welch's change of lifestyle nearly three years ago. Welch left his hit band Korn behind because of personal reasons and was able to kick a drug addiction with the help of God and Christianity. He decided to continue with music of his own (with well-traveled Josh Freese on drums). Not quite succumbing to stereotypical Christian style, his songs have intensities ranging from spirituality to anger. They are actually edgier and darker than those of Korn. God had told him to let out his aggression, and that's precisely what he has done in his first solo attempt, Save Me from Myself. His autobiography of the same title is worth reading bearing in mind it came to fruition first and this album is a soundtrack of sorts, much like Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries. Reading the book and then listening to the music will provide a better understanding of the album's messages.

Save Me from Myself isn't preachy, though. It's a collection of stories and messages with regards to Welch's interactions with others and personal thoughts and habits. This might be an album that takes a few spins to truly appreciate, but even not having read the book it easily remains enjoyable. The layers of programming make a thorough sound and mesh well with the guitars, obviously Welch's bread and butter. Songs such as "Flush," "Re-Bel," and "Save Me from Myself" center on negativities like drugs, alcoholism, and depression. Songs such as "Die Religion Die," "Adonai," and "Washed by Blood" center on religion and Christianity. The lyrical composition is anything but lacking - it's arguably the strongest aspect, and rightfully so considering the genuine essence. There really isn't anything unimpressive, other than the vocals perhaps being slightly better than tolerable.

Brian "Head" Welch wasn't joking when he said he expected to inspire people.

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