January 17, 2009

Five Boston rock bands worthy of your attention

Band: Bang Camaro
Where I discovered them: Heard a song on WBCN's Boston Emissions show (Sundays 10-midnight) called "Push Push (Lady Lightning)" and thought having a dozen singers was cool. But at the time I had no idea I was listening to a local segment. I thought it was just typical radio, which just goes to show Bang Camaro is good enough to jostle with the big boys.
Where you can discover them: www.myspace.com/bangcamaro, www.bangcamaro.com
The music: Alex Necochea, co-founder, labels the band anthem rock. I might add arena rock on top of that, even though anthem rock essentially says it all. Without all the singers, Bang Camaro probably wouldn’t be able to pull off the sound they’re going for. Enter a wicked vibe with everyone singing their faces off. There are far too many influences of their’s to list, but I would compare them to your typical 80’s rock band, but with a multitude of singers, of course. It’s a rockin’ sound you really need to appreciate for yourself. You can check out my review of their latest album here - www.amazon.com/review/product/B001NE80RC/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?_encoding=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

Band: Anarchy Club
Where I discovered them: WBCN's Boston Emissions show (Sundays 10-midnight).
Where you can discover them: www.myspace.com/anarchyclubmusic, www.anarchyclub.net
The music: The sound is a combination of rock and electronica, and maybe even a dash of industrial. It's just two guys, Keith Smith (vocals & guitars) and Adam von Buhler (all instruments), and yet it doesn't sound like the work of two minds.

Band: The SnowLeopards
Where I discovered them: Browsing myspace music pages the default photo for The SnowLeopards' page featured a face I recognized. That face belongs to a guitarist I saw on stage playing guitar for Bang Camaro at a local record store. On that basis alone I checked 'em out.
Where you can discover them: www.myspace.com/thesnowleopards
The music: It's pretty darn poppy ("I'm On Fire" was played on the show The Hills), but elements of hard rock are there. If they were straight pop I wouldn't even bother. The singer is female, she looks look Amy Winehouse, but her voice is pretty typical albeit still great. My taste for female singers is fairly lacking, but I really like her in this band.

Band: Hooray For Earth
Where I discovered them: Opened for Bang Camaro's CD release show in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club.
Where you can discover them: www.myspace.com/hooray4earth, www.hoorayforearth.net
The music: Bryn Bennett of Bang Camaro says in a myspace blog, "They have somehow found a way to mix the sounds of Nirvana, The Beatles, and NIN into a form of music that can only be called "beautiful." Every one of their songs in a dark masterpiece. Singer Noel Heroux, is also the only guy I know who has glued a delay pedal to his guitar."

Band: Dead Cats Dead Rats
Where I discovered them: Heard a song on WBCN's Boston Emissions show (Sundays 10-midnight) called "Donkey Lips" that was about a minute and a half long it seemed, and if it wasn't that short and fast-paced it wouldn't have been any good.
Where you can discover them: www.myspace.com/deadcatsdeadratsmusic
The music: If Nirvana and The Misfits joined forces, this is what they'd sound like... except playing out of a garage. An average song is about two minutes long, but they're all addicting. You could spin their self-titled album twice within an hour, and chances are you'll want to anyway.